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ForSale! Playseats Evolution Gaming Seat (Black with Silver)

Playseats Evolution Gaming Seat (Black with Silver)

Product Description
This racing stimulation cockpit gives you the ultimate realistic racing experience. New, solid leg-friendly framework for a comfortable fit. Reinforced steel, tubular construction adds extra stability, eliminating excess wobble. Increased seat cushioning. Ergonomic race chair for real life race stimulation. Made of high quality materials, non-flammable. Multi adjustable for ages 8 upwards. For use with all Logitech steering wheels, patented folding racing seat and easy to assemble. Playseats works with PC, XBOX 360, NINTENDO GAMECUBE, PS ONE, PS2, PS3.

  • High-tech chair for racing video games puts you in the middle of the excitement
  • Adjustable to almost every game console/computer and steering wheel
  • Just install separately available game steering wheel and pedals
  • Reinforced steel tubular construction eliminates excess wobble; folds for storage
  • Measures 52.1 x 19.7 x 38.6 inches (L x H x W)

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Playseat Evolution- great value for money.
Purchased the Playseat in november and love it.

Easy to set up - clear simple instructions.

I use mine with the gt25 so get the gear shift holder.

Not as good as really racing but a close second.

got this after my wife got me the logitech g27. this thing is the best bar-none! everything is sturdy and rigid and there seems to be no issues at all with torque and wobble. i was concerned because i am in the 330lbs range and read that this thing has a 300lb capacity. this thing is rock solid! i did have to adjust the pedal mount so that it was easier to left foot brake.....still am having trouble finding games that support the clutch on the g27..but that is a different story all together. the only issue i had was with the wife harping at me about spending too much time with the PS3 and PC.....but that also is another story....the seat is ultra comfy and everything is very ergonomic after a little bit of finding out where you like everything. i have found myself using this chair by itself when entertaining large groups of friends....i dont mind sitting on it because it is so comfortable. when i purchased this it was eligible for free i scooped it up! if you have the cash to drop it is well worth the investment. it makes the gaming experience so much more enjoyable! all they need to do now is add hydrolics to it to make it a REAL simulator! i do wish that there was a way to run the cables inside the tubing, but there are no other compalints from me! i also added the gearshift holder which bolts on with ease...makes it that much nicer!

Absolutely AMAZING!
This seat is AMAZING! After reading all of the reviews on here, trying to decide on which seat I wanted (this one, the classic, or competitor seats). I ordered the Playseats Evolution based on reviews, setup, and price. I took advantage of the FREE 2-day shipping through Amazon Prime, and with a total weight of 55 lbs., I got a sweet deal! Setup takes about 30-minutes, but the seat and frame are solid. This is steel, not flimsy aluminum or tin, steel!

Some reviewers have commented about the adjustment knobs that allow you to adjust the length of the seat from the steering columns and pedals causing scratching and scoring of the paint, and it's true. But this doesn't have any effect on anything other than some slight cosmetic blemishing in an area you can't really see anyway. For me, it's not even an issue.

I attached the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel to this, using the Velcro to hold the pedals in place, and it makes the gaming experience AMAZING! The combined force feedback of the Driving Force GT wheel with the comfort of the chair makes you really feel like you're in the game (my 78" screen with HD projector helps a bit here too). I've used this combo on the PS3 for Nascar '09, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and Formula 1 Championship Edition.

A little hint: If you are going to need to adjust the setting for different users (like your kids) use velco-type cable ties to secure the cables from your wheel and pedals to the columns to allow you to move things around. Tying the cables down cleans up the layout and keeps you from getting tangled-up.

Great product.. worth the money
Bought this about 3 weeks ago, I absolutely love it. It is more than stable, and comfortable. Only complaint is the seat back is a little short. Assymbly was fairly easy aswell. Well worth the money im my opinion, there is no other way to play a racing game. highl;y recommend this to any one who is into racing.

I just wish there was a way to hide it
Driving seats are big, ugly and in the way. All of them. At least this one folds.

I'm 6' 2" and a guy I race with on occasion is 5' 4". In 30 seconds we can switch between our two settings. Nice, fast adjustments. The seat folds down, so at least it stores easily.

Driving seats make driving games worth playing, but I need to come up with a way to hide it. I just can't deal with it in the living room.

But, yeah, this one is great.

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